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Colina Legacy Mobile Android Horror Game APK

A newly released horror TPS game that feels like a console. It has cut scenes, a good story, and graphics. The game opens with a scene of a car driving on empty streets. A worried woman, named Nina, is thinking about something while her husband, Prieto, is driving and trying to calm her down. From their conversation, we can tell that they are on a trip to visit Nina's mother, who seems to be facing a serious problem. Turns out, there is a teenager named Alex sitting in the backseat, who is their child. Alex keeps waking up from strange dreams. It's not explained what the dreams are about, but Nina tells Alex to go back to sleep because they still have a long journey ahead, and Alex can share the dreams later. It's actually strange for a teenage boy to share his dreams with his mother. Perhaps it's because they have a close relationship or maybe Alex often has strange dreams that he needs someone next to him to share with, in this case, his mother. Then Alex continues.


Video Gameplay

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