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60 Parsecs Simulation Puzzle Mobile Android Game APK

The impression when I saw the gameplay picture, this Nin game seems really similar to the game I shared the other day, titled 60 seconds! Atomic adventure. Not only the gameplay, but also the name. It turns out that it was made by the same developer, guys. When I tried it, the gameplay line is indeed the same. However, with a different atmosphere and theme. Where we will play as a group of astronauts saving themselves in a rescue ship (Skoci) because their main spaceship has been destroyed during the rocket launch. The gameplay setting is what I consider suitable. Just like its previous installment. As usual in the gameplay, we have limited time to evacuate ourselves. We need to gather necessary items and even our other friends who are in the spaceship. Just so you know, it might confuse us at the beginning of the game. There are 5 characters who are our friends in the spaceship. While the Skoci only has 4 seats available. So we can only bring 3 characters and leave the rest behind. Whether it's because we choose or because the characters are difficult to find.


Video Gameplay

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