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Douro 3: The Legend of the Dragon 95mb action 2D Mobile Android Game

There's another one, a classic arcade beat 'em up game with modern graphics. The game was supposed to be online but can be played offline as well. And the information I'm sharing is that it's made by the same person who made a similar genre game that I shared some time ago. My Facebook friend with the account name "Ultrama Orb", thank you so much to him again. However, this game is also in Chinese/Mandarin. But it's fine because for this type of genre, the story is not really important. Although it does seem interesting.

Similar to the previous game I shared, the gameplay consists of short levels/missions where we have to defeat all the enemies. There are several skills that make the gameplay more exciting, lively, and easy. The skills also look cool! The character designs are another strong point. They are more proportional compared to similar genre games I shared earlier. The menu seems to be no problem, even though we can't read the letters. At the beginning of the game, we will be guided by a tutorial.


Video Gameplay

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