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Sierra 7 Game Mobile Android FPS Black n White APK

In its gameplay, we only need to focus on aiming, as the character moves automatically according to the scenario. The control type is also similar to Lonewolf, where moving the aim point does not use analog. Instead, it is done by touch, giving it a feel as if we are using a PC/ Laptop mouse. At first, it may feel uncomfortable. It takes a little time to adapt. However, with this control, the aim movement becomes more flexible and wider than usual controls. We will play as a military agent in this game. With the code name Operator 7, called Sierra according to the game's title. An agent who had retired for 8 years. Yes, that's why, in the beginning of the game, we have to undergo training before being assigned actual missions. Basically, the mission in this game is to eliminate all enemies in the area. Just like in the real world, headshots are the most effective. They can instantly kill the enemy. However, this is not an easy task, especially for moving enemies. It's thrilling. The feeling is different from other shooter games.


Video Gameplay

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