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Pocket Rally Mobile Android Game Racing APK

A rally game with an interesting gameplay according to me. Because the gameplay is quite easy for me to master. Then there is a control option using a virtual game-pad. I like it because I find it easier than using tilt controls. It feels more like playing on a console. Furthermore, there is a gas button that allows us to control the speed of the car.

It's not a big deal, but in a rally game, usually the tracks are winding and the racing style relies more on drifting. The gas button makes drifting actions easier to perform. But this is just a matter of personal preference, so the feel might be different for other players.

Another interesting thing is that this game has a small size, but it has good graphics. With a variety of car options and tracks. As far as I have played it, there are only two basic modes in this game, which are time-trial and racing. In time-trial, we have to reach the finish line within a predetermined time. There are no opponents here, but we have to meet the target time.

Meanwhile, the other mode runs like a typical racing game. There are opponents and we win if we become the first driver to reach the finish line. This is what makes the gameplay exciting. Because it's rare to have opponents in an android rally game. Usually, it's just a single race. And we are also free from a navigator disturbing our ears during gameplay. "Turn left," "there's a hill," "curved path"! Oh my god 😂 we already know, why so noisy!!!


Video Gameplay

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