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Lost Frontier Strategy Turnbased Mobile Android Game APK

loved the gameplay. As a Strategy game
RPG, the theme carried in the setting is very unique, namely the wild west/cowboy era. Battle, which is mostly located in a barren desert with cacti as its plants, is very typical of the West in the past.
There are 3 characters that we can choose from in this game, and of course they have different specialties. First is John
McGraW, is a cowboy who is an expert in close combat. This character is the strongest among the other characters, whether in defense or attack. Then the second, named Wyatt Wilcox, is a cowboy who is an expert in long-range combat, so his weapon as a cowboy is not a gun, but a rifle. Be careful using this character, apart from the doctor class, this class with attack range is also often the target of enemy characters. Usually this character will die in two attacks. For this character, it is better to keep your distance from the enemy.
Then the last one is Doc Valentine.
Can you guess? from the name! He is a doctor in the party, so his abilities are like a capable cleric


Video Gameplay

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