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Jiu Liu Platformer Action Mobile Android Game APK

The game that we can actually get for free from the Tap-Tap application. For those who have installed the application, you can directly download it from the application itself. But don't worry, I will still provide download links below as usual. This game is a hack and slash genre with exciting gameplay. It has attractive visuals and pleasing to the eye. The animation movements are also smooth.

That's what makes it more interesting. However, unfortunately, this game is still in Mandarin/Chinese language. Because of this language, I don't understand the notifications that appear on the main menu when we open the game. I don't know what it is?! There's a number 60. When we exit and play it again, the number decreases. I suspect it's the game's energy system. If anyone knows, please let me know! Honestly, I only played it briefly because I wanted to release it tomorrow. It's Saturday, the time for me to share a game that I think is good. Well, even though I'm not quite sure, it's good according to my friends here. But it's alright. According to me


Video Ganeplay

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