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Door Kickers: Action Squad Mobile Android APK Pixel

There are many missions in this game. Yes, as the title suggests, the average mission in this game is to break into a house and slaughter all the enemies inside. However, be careful as there are hostages in this game that we must save. What makes it difficult is that these hostages can be injured or even killed by our shots. It's not about points, but rather about the totality of the gameplay. Minimizing the number of casualties is our task as law enforcement in this game. It's difficult because the enemies in this game are quite tough. The enemies are very aggressive. They will immediately attack if they see our character. For those with knives, they can be dealt with by keeping a distance. However, those with firearms are difficult. Our position in this game is sometimes difficult or not ideal. I feel like it's not just about opening the door and shooting. Maybe there's a special strategy to deal with enemies in unfavorable positions. You can explore the gameplay yourself later. For now, I'm still having difficulties facing the enemies. I keep dying in chapter 2. But the uniqueness of it actually makes me curious.


Video Gameplay

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