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Alien Shooter 2 Mobile Android PC Game Porting APK


I really enjoy playing this game. It's so much fun to annihilate the insect-like aliens. The visuals of these insects when they get shot and die are fascinating, with their green blood and their bodies getting destroyed. They usually attack in large numbers, sometimes even a huge swarm, which forces us to retreat or throw grenades. It looks challenging, but it's not a difficult game considering the abundance of Med Kits scattered during the battles. The controls are clear, it's a legendary PC game. Having automatic aim towards the enemies seems like the right decision to me. It allows for a more enjoyable gameplay experience. Additionally, there is a wide range of weapons available, but we have to buy them at the base in between missions. I deliberately didn't search for the mod apk, to keep the excitement and challenge intact in the gameplay. Sometimes grinding can be enjoyable and provides a satisfying feeling when we successfully strengthen our character.


Video Gameplay

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