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Yomawari Night Alone Horror Mobile Android Game APK OBB

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Hi, that's fun, if you accidentally found a good game. A horror game with cute character designs. But don't take it lightly, because this game is capable of presenting jump scares that will surprise you.
Thrilling, exciting and interesting gameplay. Tells the story of a little girl with her mystical adventures. Night is a very dangerous time for a small child to go out alone. There are many dangerous ghosts and monsters lurking in the dark of night. For a game with cute character visuals like this, the ghost design is quite scary.
What makes it tense is that our character has limited stamina to run. And what's worse, the more scared he is, the faster he gets tired. So can you imagine? How tense it is to be chased by ghosts in this game. This game is a typical horror game where the characters cannot fight. All we can do is run and avoid ghosts. As for stones, they are not a weapon to injure the enemy, but only a medium to deceive. Because one touch from the enemy, is the death of this little girl.
The game will start with a little girl


Video Gameplay

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