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Bullet Force Multiplayer FPS Offline APK OBB Mobile Android Game

Translate into English: It is a modern multiplayer FPS game with many features in it. The actual game, which has not yet been released on the Play Store, has pretty cool graphics with a forest as one of its detailed settings, and the game size is relatively small. In multiplayer mode, players can fight with teammates of up to 20 players using iconic military weapons. There are more than 20 weapons, 30 camouflage weapons, several types of sniper optics, targeting lasers, and even some explosive barrels that may be further developed in future updates. What's unique is that players can still play this game without an internet connection, meaning it can be played offline. There are many online modes in this game, with gameplay similar to online FPS games like Point Blank. Players can engage in battles with other players, whether they are allies or enemies, depending on the online mode chosen by the player. But my suggestion is to play it offline.


Video Gameplay

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