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Planescape: Torment EE Old Retro PC Game On Android Mobile APK OBB

By looking at the gameplay, we will also know that this is a classic RPG game, typical of old school PCs. In my opinion, the gameplay is very suitable to be implemented on touch screen mobile devices. It's easier to control the characters, as well as choose the icons. Maybe the drawback is the small cellphone screen. The view point in this game is wide, so the objects and characters in the game look small, and the button icons seem full.
In this game we will act as a nameless character and wake up in a place with amnesia. Doesn't remember anything from the past. A floating skull then approached us and tried to ask. Old school PC games, we will encounter dialogue with long narration during gameplay. However, usually things like this are unique and can lead us to sub-quests, or to get a new party who will accompany us during our adventure.
It also depends on our choice of words during the dialogue.
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Video Gameplay

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