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Breaking Gates Platformer Action Mobile Android Game 2D APK 20mb


As the title suggests, this is a 2D action platformer game. In this game we will act as a little red-haired child named Hako. And on his adventure he will be accompanied by a small golem named lgro. Which in the gameplay also actively attacks the enemy. Igro's role in this game is also very important. Because he can absorb crystals which make the creatures in this game aggressive.
Our meeting with the Captain from the kingdom
Kirian will put us in a camp at the start of the game. Where can we buy equipment at the camp.
Such as potions, equipment and skills. At the camp we can also take missions, as well as a teleportation portal where we can move instantly to places we have visited. It is also in this camp that we will spawn when we are slaughtered by the enemy.
Apart from the fun and exciting gameplay, this game also has good visuals and animations. Makes me want to play it for a long time. A map will help us while exploring the area
So don't worry, we will find out area m
What we have or haven't learned about Babkan


Video Gameplay

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