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Huntdown Shooter Platformer Like Metal Slug Game Mobile Android APK OBB


It is an action shooter platformer game with pixel graphics. You play as a bounty hunter whose task is to eliminate dangerous criminals causing chaos in the city. There are 3 characters that can be chosen at the beginning of the game. One tough girl named Anna Conda, Half-robot Jown Sawyer, and lastly a robot android named Mow Man. Each of them is equipped with their own unique weapons. So besides standard weapons like a pistol, these bounty hunters can also throw weapons with greater damage. In my opinion, the gameplay is exciting, and I really enjoy it. Compared to other pixel games, the difficulty level of this game is still acceptable. It is challenging but can still be overcome. But I believe that this is what makes it exciting. You can't just shoot at the enemies, there is a strategic element to it. Like a hole to dodge enemy bullets and an object where we can take cover from enemy attacks. During missions, we can collect various power-ups and upgrades to enhance our abilities. This adds more excitement to the gameplay and motivates players to keep playing and improving their skills. Overall, I highly recommend this game to those who enjoy action-packed platformer games with pixel graphics.


Video Gameplay

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