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Infinity Soul Action 3D Game Mobile Android APK

A TPS game with a challenging difficulty level. The basic itself is level, with each increasing level we will face increasingly tough enemies. With different areas and enemies too. For example, when we are at the initial level in a castle we will face knights, or a level with an area in a cave where there are lots of giant insects that we have to kill. Then what's exciting, at the end of the level we will face an enemy boss.
I can say this game has an above average level of difficulty. where in the gameplay we have to pay attention to 3 indicators, namely HP, MP and Stamina. Well, stamina is what makes this game even more challenging, because each character's attack in this game will be limited by stamina. If we run out, our character can't attack. So immediately take distance to recover it. Then the boss is a tough enemy. Apart from having a lot of HP, the attacks from the boss are also more deadly. The attack range is also generally long, so stay alert. But believe me, even if you have


Video Gameplay

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