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Tomb Raider 2 Action Adventure 3D Mobile Android Game Retro APK


The latest version, which hopefully is more stable on Android with the latest operating system, especially for the control bug that disappears on certain brands and models of phones. It's actually a bit risky to share it during the month of Ramadan like this, hehe. I'm afraid it might make you frustrated when playing it. The puzzles can be confusing and it's hard to figure out the next destination. Plus, the controls feel difficult to master. That was my impression when I tried and played it. For you old-school players who want to reminisce, remembering your childhood when playing this game accompanied by a walkthrough from the gaming magazine subscription. It reminds me of how fast time flies, to now be able to play it on our phones with even better graphics. It wouldn't hurt for modern-day players to give it a try as well. Maybe you're interested in experiencing the sensation of playing games during the heyday of the PS1. THE LEGEND CONTINUES Winner of various awards, this classic action adventure game from the 90s, Tomb Raider 2, has returned for fans to enjoy.


Video Gameplay

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