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Bloons TD 6 Mobile Android Game

This game looks like it was released on multiplatform. Previously there was something like this on PSP, but it turns out it's also available on Android. And this is the first time I've played it, so I decided to share it here. What kind of game is this? I've been curious for a long time. Oh, it turns out it's a tower defense game! Where the units are monkeys and the enemies are balloons. I was hesitant about actually sharing this game. How come this game is for children?
But after I checked on Playstore, you know! turns out to be a premium game. Yes, that's it, keep sharing.
Who knows what happened, what is certain is that the monkeys in this game have to pop every balloon that appears in the area. Don't let any balloons escape to the end of the area. Because it will reduce points, and if it is a certain amount it means we will lose. Lost to the balloon!?? I thought the theme was a bit strange.
In essence, it's the same as the Tower game
Other defenses. There are several types of monkeys in the gameplay. Which will open as the progress progresses, in line with the increasingly challenging levels.
We can bring in units for a million coins. And at the start of the level, of course there are coins


Video Gameplay

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