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7 Billion Humans Puzzle Mobile Android APK

7 Billion Humans is a puzzle game developed by Tomorrow Corporation. It is a sequel to their previous popular game, Human Resource Machine. In 7 Billion Humans, players have to complete various tasks and challenges using "digital employees" that can be programmed. The main objective of the game is to create efficient algorithms using basic commands in a simplified programming language. Players will control thousands of virtual employees to complete tasks across different levels. Each level has different goals, such as arranging employees to move boxes, sorting numbers, or completing various other tasks. Players are provided with basic commands like "move forward," "move backward," "pick up," and "put down" to control the employees. They can also use conditionals and loops to create more complex algorithms. The game challenges players to design and optimize algorithms to efficiently complete tasks, such as maximizing productivity or minimizing steps taken.


Video Gameplay

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