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Despot's Game Strategy Rogue like Turnbased Mobile Android Game 300mb APK

I think this is an interesting game! In this game, we will control several humans, or we can also consider them as our warriors, to navigate dangerous and monster-filled mazes. However, we won't directly control them in battles. They will fight automatically! This game demands us to use smart strategies and maybe even some luck. It's similar to RPG games in its scheme. We have the opportunity to buy various items or weapons for our warriors, such as swords, bows, coffins, and more, and even additional humans for our party. Additionally, there are other interesting elements, like cool mutations that we can give to them. For example, Crocodile Skin, which provides extra resistance against attacks or simply changes their appearance to something unique. However, there is one major challenge that we will face: if one of our human warriors gets defeated, they cannot be revived and will be permanently lost. So, we need to be careful and plan our actions wisely to ensure their survival throughout the game. Main Avatar Ask me something...

If our party members die in battle, they will be permanently reduced or die. And if all of our warriors are defeated and none are left, we have to start completely from the beginning, and the game world will reset back to the start. Yes, this game is a type of roguelike game, or more precisely, roguelite, because its difficulty level can still be overcome and enjoyed by regular players. Oh, there's one more interesting thing! This game also provides a challenging multiplayer mode. But don't expect too much because what I shared is the mod file. Actually, there is a secret multiplayer mode called "King of the Hill" that can only be accessed after successfully completing the main game. 

Os Compatible : Android OS 7.0 And Up
Tested Aquos R3 Snapdragon 855 Android 11


Video Gameplay

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