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Samurai Vengeance 2 Mod 3D View Gameplay Old Retro Mobile Android

The Samurai 2 Vengeance game, which has modified the camera view, is now a third person game. The gameplay is the same, but the feel is a little different. Just feels more exciting, and more cinematic. Makes characters and battles more visible. Thanks a lot to a friend with the account name "Gunawan" who has shared the links to this game in the comments column. I don't know what game post comments?! Forget me.
But unfortunately this game is in an unfamiliar language, possibly Thai.
As well as the audio during the battle which was also changed. So that's rocking, and I know that it's an OST from the game Devil May Cry.
Maybe someone likes it, but in my opinion it is not suitable. I prefer the original audio, which feels distinctive and fits the theme
Samurais. Just my personal opinion, people have different tastes.
What I can guarantee in this game is light. The size is also the same as the original game, only 54MB. I mean with only that size, it's really worth trying.
The top down view camera angle is just exciting, especially with a camera view like this. Plus you like the original game, 3D View Gameplay


Video Gameplay

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