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Disease Of Hazard APK Horror Zombie Shooter (Full Reviews)

Game zombie horror dengan gaya gameplay top down view ktanya buatan game lokal, cuman ko skrng gak ada di Playstore ya padahal seru cukup interaktif dan menantang gamenya, misalnya selain membasi zombie kita harus mencari kunci / key terlebih dahulu untuk membuka suatu tempat aksesnya.

Billy adalah seorang ilmuwan dan pemrogram teknologi.
Raincode perusahaan tempat dia bekerja bekerja sama dengan Zyrec.
Zyrec adalah perusahaan ilmiah milik pemerintah dengan tujuan
mengembangkan ilmu pengetahuan di bidang kedokteran,
kefarmasian, penelitian dan pengembangan untuk kelangsungan hidup masyarakat.

Kota sedang dilanda kebakaran hutan, asap dan kabut menyelimuti kota
kondisi udara semakin tidak sehat.
Ilmuwan dari Zyrec pulang dari lokasi penelitian, tanpa sadar terpapar
mikro organisme yang membuat tubuh dokter Rudy mati rasa.

Helikopter Zyrec yang membawa sekelompok ilmuwan jatuh di tengah kota.

Billy terjebak di tempat parkir basement saat hendak memasuki kantor.
mobil yang dikendarainya hancur
puing-puing dari jatuhnya helikopter Zyrec.

Saya tidak tahu berapa lama dia tidak sadarkan diri. Dia punya firasat buruk
tentang putrinya di rumah.
Ketika saya bangun, keadaan menjadi kacau.
Sunyi dan gelap karena listrik padam akibat kejadian tersebut.

Organisme mikro mengambil alih otak manusia. Manusia semakin tidak terkendali.
Lapar akan makan dan selalu haus akan darah.
Tidak ada yang tahu pasti penyebab dari semua ini.

Banyak kendala baginya untuk keluar dari gedung tersebut.
puluhan zombie bahkan ratusan berlari mengejar Billy.

Dia hanya ingin pulang. Dalam pikirannya dia akan bisa
bertahan melewati itu semua,
demi putrinya "Alice" yang dia cintai.

dia berusaha keluar dari gedung.

Teka-teki, aksi kejar-kejaran, dan penembakan zombie akan terjadi
sering Anda jumpai dalam game ini.

Setiap petunjuk dan petunjuk akan membuatnya lebih mudah untuk keluar.
Tentu saja Billy adalah orang yang cerdas. dia akan segera keluar dari sini.
atau dia bisa terjebak selamanya dan menjadi gerombolan zombie!

/A zombie horror game with a top down view gameplay style, said to be made in a local game, but how come it's not on the Playstore now, even though it's fun, it's quite interactive and challenging, for example, apart from killing zombies, we have to look for a key first to open a place to access it

Interesting and exciting game! This is not an assessment because this game is made by a developer
Indonesian tho. But I really like the mechanics. Which in my opinion is similar to the old Resident Evil series. I say that because there is a background story, an area that needs to be explored with several doors that are still locked. What we have to find the key to be able to access it. In addition, there is a safe room, where we can save, there is an item box and sometimes there are weapons in the room.
It's just that we will have no trouble carrying out the progress of its mission. Because besides being quite easy, the instructions themselves are very clear, moreover there is also a map that really helps our navigation. The possibility for us to get lost, stuck confused looking for a way is very small in this game. But it's understandable, maybe so that today's players can enjoy it more. And because this is a free game, of course we will be dealing with a lot of advertisements in it. The solution to overcome this is, play without a connection
This game itself is a top down view game with the theme of a zombie outbreak. In-

This game itself is a top down view TPS game with the theme of a zombie outbreak. It's a kind of Resident Evil with local wisdom hehee. Although it seems like the city where the plague took place is a fictitious place. In my opinion, this is a game that was made with great intention. Really! At the beginning of the game, we will be presented with a console game-style CGI scene complete with character voices. With Language support
Indonesia in it, makes it easier for us to understand and better understand the story and mission.
And as usual, because this is a game made in Indonesia, I can only provide links that go directly to the Playstore. This game is too interesting to ignore. So I'm sharing it here, maybe there are those who don't know, and some of my visiting friends here want to try it.
After all, it's free, it never hurts to try it. Ads problem, again play without internet connection. The problem is I saw the reviews on Playstore, there are some who complain about this.

Billy is a scientist and technology programmer.
Raincode the company he works for is teaming up with Zyrec.
Zyrec is a government-owned scient company with a purpose
to develop knowledge in the field of medicine,
pharmaceutical, research and development for the survival of the people.

The city is being hit by a forest fire, smoke and fog blankets the city
the air condition is getting unhealthy.
Scientists from Zyrec return home from a research site, unknowingly exposed
micro organisms that make doctor Rudy's body numb.

Zyrec's helicopter carrying a group of scientists crashed in the middle of the city.

Billy was trapped in the basement parking when he was about to enter the office.
the car he was driving was crushed
debris from the crash of Zyrec's helicopter.

I don't know how long he was unconscious. He got a bad feeling
about her daughter at home.
When I woke up, things were chaotic.
It was quiet and dark because the power went out due to the incident.

Micro organisms take over the human brain. Humans are getting out of control.
Hunger will eat and always thirst for blood.
No one knows for sure the cause of all this.

Many obstacles for him to get out of the building.
tens of zombies even hundreds of running after Billy.

He just wanted to go home. In his mind he will be able to
endure through it all,
for the sake of his daughter "Alice" whom he loves.

he was trying to get out of the building.

Puzzles, chase action, and zombie shooting will be
you often encounter in this game.

Every clue and clue will make it easier for him to get out.
Of course Billy is a smart guy. he will be out of here soon.
or he could be stuck forever and become a horde of zombies!


Video Gameplay

Info Game
📃Title : Disease Of Hazard
🎬Genre : Horror, Shooter,
🎮Mode : Offline
🚻Multiplayer : -
⏱️Year : 2021
📱Platform : Android
📝Dev/Pub : Bluered Studio
💾Size : 33mb+
⭐Rating :  4.0 / 5.0
🔖Store : No
OS : Android 4 + Up

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