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Dark Corridors 2 Endless Runner Mobile Android APK

A runner game with very good graphic finish, anime-style characters and a ghost theme which is quite scary and shocking. Area 1 probably won't be as horrific. But area 2 has a thicker horror element. Where we will be chased by ghosts, jumpscare around corners and more. Pretty scary in my opinion.
There will be 4 characters that players can play.
one character the player can play at the beginning of the game, while the other characters the player can get by exchanging a number of souls/money in this game. Relax, what I'm sharing is the mod souls file, so from the start we can open other characters from the start.
Except for the last character, yes, which can only be opened by completing a number of missions.
When else, right, play an endless runner game like this while washing your eyes. Accompanied by ghosts at school who sometimes say hello. But I'm sure, this game will make horror if when we play wearing bikini costumes, our mothers fatten us.
So if you play, look at the situation first. Later found out with mom wkwkw


Video Gameplay

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