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Dokuro Platformer Mobile Android Game Adventure 50mb APK Offline Full Reviews

Is a platformer game with an interesting theme packed in a funny story.
There is almost no narrative in this game, the whole story is presented in a simple scene
the witty one. The beginning of the story begins with the Dark King who kidnaps a beautiful princess to be his queen. In her palace, the princess could only grieve over her fate and cry. Seeing this, the demon king who seemed to like the princess felt confused. Until a creature came who maybe his adviser gave him a potion to make him look handsome
With the hope that the princess likes him.
But it turns out that the potion doesn't have much effect on this dark king. This temporary effect actually makes the figure of the king of darkness look strange. The king of darkness went berserk and chased his advisor. Leaving the princess with a skeletal figure. So, I'm confused, it looks like this tiny skeleton likes the princess.
Torn between pitying the princess and his loyalty to his master the demon king. Eh, this bastard turned out to prefer betrayal

and help the princess escape from
the palace.
We're going to act as this tiny skeleton.
In his efforts to guide the princess in each of her missions so that she can be free from the dark king's palace. The gameplay is also very interesting, there are puzzles that we have to solve in this escape. So it can be said if on
it's basically a puzzle game in the form of a platformer game. The graphics look unique and good. Like a chalk scratch with black and white domination. The different color of the princess, which is bright yellow, seems to indicate that she is a graceful figure
and beautiful.


Video Gameplay

Info Game
📃Title : Dokuro
🎬Genre : Platformer, Adventure, Puzzle
🎮Mode : Offline
🚻Multiplayer : -
⏱️Year : 2013
📱Platform : Android
📝Dev/Pub  : CDE Entertainment
💾Size : 58mb+
⭐Rating :  3.8 / 5.0
🔖Store : Playstore, (Paid Game)
OS : Android 4.1+ Up

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