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Framed Point n Click Puzzle Mobile Android Game

Finally found the latest working file.
But read carefully the installation tutorial.
The problem is that I changed the installer file a little so that it can be installed on my cellphone/ it's easier to install on cellphones in general. Don't rush to remove the installer after the game is installed. But first rename the obb data that appears from the installer. For details, please see the tutorial below. I also put a screenshot so it's easy to understand.
Is a puzzle game with gameplay that combines elements of comics and film narratives directly into the game.
Playing this game feels like enjoying two types of entertainment at once, the player seems to be reading a comic but also watching a silent film at the same time.
Display interface during the game on
present it in the form of image panels like players usually find in comics.
But not just a still image, player

you can watch the characters in it move around to perform various actions and move between panels to form a unified story like watching a movie.
Framed tells about the escape efforts of the characters in it. although it was not told why they were being chased by the enforcers
The law is because of a bag. Effort
this escape took them running in dark alleys, climbing tall buildings, to cat and mouse with the police on the train. Their attempt to escape will end in bitterness by being caught by the police, unless the player helps rearrange the image panels in each scene so that their fate changes.
The escape of the characters in this game is told page by page like a comic. Each page tells about one scene from the many scenes of their escape in full. But it's different from regular comics, panels can move the image panels on this page which will change the scenario and sequence of events. If the player changes it correctly, the fate of the main character will change and he successfully sneaks away

from the police siege.
Tinkering with story panels in this game has its own excitement. Players are free to place and sort the various panels on the page as they like. the only thing that limits the player's creativity is the number of panels that the player can slide on each page. The arrangement that players do will have their own consequences.
If a scene doesn't go the way the player expects, the player just has to rearrange the order of the panels and then presses the play button on the first panel of the page. Players can repeat each scene unlimitedly until the character escapes the police siege and runs to the next page.


Install the installer, then open and install the game from the installer.
before removing the installer. Rename the obb folder that appears from the installer first. From com.noodlecake.framed.Govlog to com.noodlecake.framed. Or delete the .Govlog text until the obb folder is named according to the screenshot below
Only then can you remove the installer. Because it's no longer needed.

Video Gameplay

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