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Star Warfare payback 2 Mobile Android Game TPS Mod

Is an exciting TPS game with an alien theme. But instead of humanoid-shaped aliens with big heads, the aliens in this game are big, ferocious insects ready to attack and devour players. What's exciting is that these aliens often attack in groups in large numbers. Even so, it can still be overcome really. The hordes of enemies that attack actually add to the excitement of the gameplay. The key to the gameplay of this game is that the player must always move so as not to be pressured by the crowds
these ferocious insects.
In Star Warfare 2, of course it's the player's job
not only slaughtering aliens, but there are also missions that are divided into stages, such as reaching a predetermined area, slaughtering a certain number of aliens, and so on. Apart from the main mission, there are also side missions with different rewards

Control problems, this game has a standard control mechanism in the style of mobile TPS games in general. Where there are virtual analog and action buttons to shoot and change weapons, as well as aim with
Swipe the middle right of the screen. Everything runs very comfortably and responsively, so that players can always move swiftly while shooting insects which usually attack in large numbers.
Upgrade features are also available, as well as cool weapons and armor that players can buy. Players can use many kinds of weapons according to their taste and effectiveness for the player. An example is using a shotgun for enemies at close range, and a machine gun for slaughtering enemies at a distance that is quite far away. About graphics, this game has pretty good graphics. But what is a bit disturbing is the design of the characters that look chibi. Because the character doesn't seem human. They were a race that humans sacrificed to slaughter alien bugs on a planet.


Video Gameplay

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