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Attic Over Attic Mobile Android Adventure Platformer Offline

A platformer game with a unique and funny story and interesting gameplay. In this game, the player will play Jack, a 7 year old boy who has lost his favorite toy, Poppy-poo. He had been trying to find it all day, but could not find it. It's no use whining to his mother.
Actually he thought he had seen it in the attic, but even then he had not found his favorite toy. Until finally he gave up and came down from the attic.
It was when he was going down that little Jack saw the door in the attic ceiling of his house. With curiosity, Jack and his dog Corny climbed up to the ceiling door. And as the title suggests, Jack feels strange about the Attic Over situation
The Attic.
Unexpectedly and very surprising, it turns out that there are many ghosts in that place.

Terrified to death Jack and Corny try to run, but only when the ghost's hand touches Jack's and the dog's body, their spirit separates from their body. In a spirit state captured by the ghosts, Jack sees Philip.
I do not know what happened, when Philip managed to reach Jack's hand. Jack was freed from the ghosts that caught him.
And this is where Jack's adventures begin,
He and his dog Corny need to be able to get back into his body, who doesn't know where it has been left. instead of looking for his body first, it turns out Jack wants to find his favorite toy Poppy-poo first. In later adventures of the platformer genre, Jack's spirit can infiltrate any toy he wants. Each toy is part of an interesting puzzle. With differences in ability / usability in each game
Jack possessed.


Video Gameplay

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