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Valkyrie Profile Lenneth apk + obb Old Retro Mobile Android RPG Turnbased Game

Again, I missed the info, so I didn't know that my favorite game during the PS1 era had actually been ported to Android. So thank you for the info provided by one of the visitor friends. What makes me remember the most from this series is the feature in the battle. As well as combined combo attacks from the crazy characters. Which if the number of combos in one attack reaches 100 hits, then the character is in the party
can issue a special attack.
If the character's special attack reaches 100 more hits, then the special attack will be continued by another character. Here it is
there is a little strategy, because the first special attack must be carried out by a character whose special attack reaches 100 hits so that it can be continued by other character's special attacks. Thankfully, the special attack hits for each character all reach 100 hits. Unfortunately, to reach 100 hits you also need a strong enemy. And at the beginning of the game it seems that it will be difficult to get it out.

This battle system made me very interested in playing it, because at that time it was very exciting in my eyes. At first, playing may lack enthusiasm, because the main character is a woman. But when proggess goes, and can accidentally make 100 hits. Me
immediately fell in love with this game, the special attacks of each character are different and cool. Although the graphics can be said to be outdated for now. Even I still remember Lenneth's special attack, ie
Nibelung Valesty. Special epic attacks like Kii
Attack Kamehameha the Goku from Dragon Ball.
And reminds me when I was a kid sitting for hours in front of the TV playing PS.
Another interesting thing is the characters. Just like other Valkyrie games, they are humans who have died on the battlefield. By Valkyrie Lenneth, they will be resurrected as Einhenjar and fight by her side. That's why there are quite a lot of characters in this game, which we can recruit and use in battle. And at some point, we can free their souls and us
earn rewards.

As information, the number of Valkyries in this series as far as I can remember there are 3 people (But in
There are many mythologies. But they just appeared in a different era. So every era there is only one Valkyrie, the Goddess of War.
This conflict is what happened in the series which came out at P$2. Where was the Valkyrie that existed at that time
Hrist was ordered by Odin to seal it
Another Valkyrie Silmeria who was born in the body of a girl, whose name, if I remember correctly, is Alicia.
If in this game, Lenneth was summoned by
Odin for the upcoming Ragnarok. This game actually reminds me of the movie Thor 3, where it is explained that Ragnarok is the destruction of Asgard or the residence of Odin.
Lenneth's task in this game is to collect selected souls in Midgard or the world where humans live. Of course
to face Ragnarok. If in this game it is not specifically explained what it is
Ragnarok. But it seems that Lenneth already understands and knows what he means.


Video Gameplay

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