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The Way Home Pixel Game Mobile Android RPG Action


is a Pixelart Roguelike 
Trapped on a strange island, Kevin and Cheese struggle to return home.
Encounter other lost people and terrifying monsters lurking on the island.
Help our unfortunate duo find THE WAY HOME!

[Pixelart Roguelike]
- Procedurally Generated Maps
- Each battle has a new pattern to enjoy
- Strategically combine 15 or more skills every battle!
- Defeat 80 different monsters each with unique patterns.

[Party Mode]
 Create a party and explore the dungeon!
- You can choose from 21 different characters.
- Each character can use different skills.
- A party consists of 4 characters who will fight together.
- You can use different combinations of characters to play through the dungeons.

[Resource collection and construction]
- You can construct buildings with resources collected from dungeons and islands.
- Make various buildings to make it easier to escape.

[There is an ending!]
- Meet NPC's and follow the story as you explore 4 islands.
- Will Kevin and Cheese eventually escape the island?
- The warmth of lights and shadows on a classical pixel art style is waiting for you!


Video Gameplay

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