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Death Road To Canada Pixel RPG Action Horror in 2017 Updated New Version in 2022 DLC

Ignore the graphics and enjoy the very fun and engaging gameplay! Rich words are very suitable for this game. Why?
Because this game still uses pixel graphics, but has an interesting and very complex gameplay... Plus the thrill!!!.A classic checkerboard graphic with a fuzzy feel. The impression is, yes, because we can still distinguish between humans and which ones
Zombies. In fact, we can easily recognize some small objects that are useful in the game, for example, wood or a wrench that is used as a weapon to destroy zombies. The old school graphics of this game are more memorable like a hallmark.
This game itself is actually a game that mixes the survival and action genres
RPGs. We will act as one or two survivors of the zombie apocalypse
As the title suggests, the essence of the gameplay of this game is a journey by car to survive the vicious plague
Zombies, and players hear rumors if on
Canada is a safe haven left for humanity

easy thing, if we need food supplies, gasoline and meet with characters
There will be many characters/NPCs that we can join in and survive together, or maybe ignore them. Interestingly, the nature of the people we meet in design have different personalities.
So it's very possible that one or two people will betray us later. So this is where our feelings for someone will be tested.
Are we hiring the right people? someone who is good, we can work together to survive and can be counted on.
Or vice versa. What is certain is that it is very difficult to guess, because every time we play this game, whether it's repeating it from the beginning or from saving data, the story and characters involved can be different. Because this game is designed like that. Interesting right?
When we decide to stop at one
a place to look for food supplies or rest, then that's where there will be plenty

they can catch up and chase us into buildings or in other rooms. So
my advice, better close the door when exploring a building. Because it's so real, our character can die in a zombie swarm because he's too tired to beat up the zombies
Zombies. There are no indicator bars or
sort of thing, it's certain that when a character gets tired, their punching power slows down and sweat drips off their bodies. In this situation, running is the only
only solution.

Info Game
📃Title : Death Road To Canada
🎬Genre : RPG Action Horror
🎮Mode : Offline (Support Gamepad)
🚻Multiplayer : -
⏱️Year : 2017
📱Platform : Android,
📝Dev/Pub : Noodlecake
💾Size : 87mb++
⭐Rating : 4.5 / 5.0
🔖Store : Playstore (Paid Game)
OS : Android 4.1+ Up

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Video Gameplay

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