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Machi Knights Blood Bagos Mobile Android & Switch Offline Action Shooter

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Wow! Great game again this week. Bump, there is
some great games released this week
together. After yesterday there was Boris and the
Dark Survival, now there is Machi Knights Blood
Good. At first, I was disappointed, because when I checked the Playstore it said it was not compatible. Again! Why are there again good games that I can't play. But finally I was determined to download it because I saw the OS requirements were 5.0. Eh, I didn't think that it could, guys. Smooth even, with graphic settings that can be said to be optimal. So it's possible that it's written as incompatible because this game hasn't been officially released on Playstore here.
The theme of this game is a giant robot that can be driven, but based on ancient technology. Technology 1000 years ago in the ruins of the Babilaka kingdom which so far has only been known as myths and legends. Discovered by a group of researchers and developed by many kingdoms. There are 3 main characters in this game
controlling Bagos/robot of different types.
Which we can choose in the mission gameplay.

There are those armed with melee for close combat and range for long distances.
And of course I'm more interested in choosing the "Musket" with a ranged weapon.
Make gameplay so much easier. Just keep your distance from the enemy while shooting at them from afar. What's special about this game is the graphics that look good, with the visuals of explosions from enemy robots that also look cool. There are many missions in this game, with story narrative in between. Which tells the story of the journey of the three main characters.. . This game is really recommended, especially for casual players who play games only as entertainment.

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