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Bounty Arms Game Mobile Old Game Platformer

Side-scrolling game with very good graphics. In this game we will control one of the 3 main character choices with a unique appearance and very different from one another. There's Goober, Flux Helix and
Drake Mass. Each character has a different weapon, with its strengths and weaknesses.
Flux Helix, this robot has a laser attack with a longer range. A very useful special attack in the form of a green energy ball, which will chase and shoot targets/ enemies. By using this character, we will not be in trouble
face flying enemies like drones.
Then Goober, this character is more powerful with
his bazooka weapon, but has a low firing rate. The average enemy will be destroyed with a single shot, but we'd have a hard time dealing with multiple enemies with

this character. Goober has a special attack
in the form of sharp ice chunks.
Then lastly is Drake Mass. Character
It is armed with a shotgun, with a short attack range. I haven't found the strengths of this character other than his more normal appearance compared to other characters. But I think he has a special attack with the coolest visuals, which is berserker mode. Where he will turn into a beast and ferocious figure. In this mode, Drake Mass. attacks
This game has comfortable controls with a control scheme like other action games.
The control interface is also cool and impressive if this is a premium game. Then there are pets that we can summon to help us in battle. The thing that really regrets about the summon mode is that it has a short spawn time. Then to summon it we need an item called Summoning eggs. There are also different types of pets, some of which function for character healing, Support Energy, Anti-Drone and


Video Gameplay

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