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Beyblade Burst 400mb APK Gdrive non Playstore

Is a game based on the anime series with the same title. About a duel game between exciting and spectacular modern tops. I don't know if it's by design
Beyblades, or visuals from the series in battle. Each Beyblade has their own avatar. And that affects the visual attacks and special attacks. It feels like we are seeing a battle between summons in a game
Likewise with this game. We can design the appearance of our Beyblade according to what we want. Just different
Beyblades in this game move automatically. Our role in the match is only to activate skills and special attacks. When issuing special attacks, we must
Squeeze with the right timing to issue a full power special attack. Yes, that's just the gameplay! Feels like playing
a casual game, but feels fun because
this game has great 3D graphics.
Games that can be played offline and online.


Video Gameplay

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