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Far Lone Sails Adventure Indie Game Mobile Android

One of the games that can make me say "wow"! The visuals are beautiful in my opinion, supported by the sound of the audio which sounds melodious, typical of relaxing natural sounds. The thing that makes me complacent to play it longer. It's rare that I can enjoy the gameplay of a game to the point where I forget the time. Even though the gameplay is just walking around. But somehow it feels fun and exciting. More towards enjoying the journey of Little Red Riding Hood
This game is a platformer genre. Where the camera angle is on the side and the character moves from left to right. At first I thought this was a game with Limbo-style gameplay.
Which is full of challenges with lots of traps and enemies in the adventure. But it turns out! the little one is the main character of this game, in fact
found a giant tractor after
some time running. It is with this tractor that we will travel. And we will be busy
operate it sometime during gameplay

Inside the tractor there are several buttons and indicators. Whether it's an indicator of energy, steam and speed. There are several rooms with different functions. The 2nd floor room on the left is where we put objects to be used as energy sources. Then opposite to the right, there is a button to run it, brake, and there is a steam button to make the tractor go faster.
pacing like that entar we in the tractor. Especially to fill his energy when
We can also stop if there are boxes or objects on the road that we can use as energy supplies. Take it and put it in the tractor.
Don't let the gameplay get stuck because we run out of energy in the middle of the road. I haven't, but it's possible it could happen. At a certain distance on the way, there is usually a building that makes
our tractor stalled. So we have to get out and
trying to get rid of that barrier.
Usually the building also has a mechanism. Only with a button, then the problem is solved. Easy as that!


Video Gameplay

Info Game
📃Title : Far Lone Sails
🎬Genre : Adventure
🎮Mode : Offline 
🚻Multiplayer : -
⏱️Year : 2020
📱Platform : Android
📝Dev/Pub : Assemble Entertainment
💾Size : 443mb++
⭐Rating :  3.8 / 5.0
🔖Store : Playstore (Paid Game)
OS : Android 5.1 + Up

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