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Dash Hero Sword And Magic Action Hack n Slash Mobile Android

This new game, has easy gameplay, but fun and entertaining. That is a roguelike game that is packed more casually.
Exploring area after area with enemies and traps in it. This game also has good graphics, even though it's mini-sized, which is only around 200 mb. The visuals of the animation and battle effects are also good. And just for information, by default the gameplay position is portrait, but we can change it to landscape on
options menu.
This game has a simple control scheme, where there is only analog to move the character, because he will attack automatically. Either in range with magic or directly slashing it, depending on the enemy's distance. Easy isn't it? Even we can play this game with only one hand. In each certain area, we will get a new ability. I don `t know

move faster, immune to traps, additional elements in the attack and others.
Which makes the battle more crowded and
And because this game is available for free on Playstore.
of course what I provide below is the mod apk, unlimited Gems. There are many things we can do with Gems. Namely gacha crates to get equipment, to buy characters, buy coins, and most importantly buy energy. Makes us free to play this game as long as we want. Not limited by the amount of energy. For those of you who need games just for entertainment in your spare time?! I recommend this game.


Video Gameplay

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