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Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter mod apk obb 500mb Gdrive

Is an ARPG game themed dungeon exploration. The game that we can download for free from the Playstore is reportedly still in the development stage.
So later I will try to update the version regularly. And of course what I will share is the mod apk file. The one for v1.2.1 is free shopping. We can buy any item in the store for free. Mayanlah could have put on more proper and powerful equipment since
early play
Maybe it's because the final version isn't there yet, it's different from the average game of a similar genre that I share here. There is no character choice in this game. As well as the story which seems like just a formality, because it is only conveyed in a narrative text
short one. Just telling about the king of hell that we have to defeat to save the world. So far besides the monsters in the dungeon, there weren't any other characters. Really alone like us in the dungeon.


Video Gameplay

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