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Brave Cano Action Game Mobile Android Offline

Finally found the non-mod file for this game. This kind of premium game will be more fun and exciting if played without mods in it. The problem is this is a casual game with a relatively easy level of difficulty.
So that we can play it casually while lying down. At the initial level, yes, I don't know later in the next progress at a level that is already far away. Usually it will gradually develop the level of challenge.
The gameplay is really relaxed, where in the gameplay the characters only move from left to right of the screen or vice versa. While slashing all the enemies that are blocking the way. Just approach the enemy, then the character will attack
them automatically. While occasionally
issue a skill when encountering a strong enemy. But the start of the game is very easy in this game, so it seems that skills are not needed at this initial level. It's just that it's not in use?! right?
The mission will be completed and successful if we reach the end of the existing area. Then we will go to the next mission with a higher level of difficulty


Video Gameplay

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