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Day R Survival Strategy Android Mobile Game Apocalyptic Full Reviews And Tips

A game that I think is very exciting, with the survival strategy genre. This game itself will be set in Russia with a very wide map and with a city that was devastated by a nuclear war. Games that require the imagination of the players to be used so they can feel how tense the situation is
the world at that time.
The beginning of the game will start with a character who wakes up in a city with a state of not remembering anything or amnesia. The state of the city was devastated with many ruins of abandoned buildings. What's horrifying is the existence of zombies that roam, as well as the radiation that always threatens the life of the character that the player is playing. The player's task in this game is to find out how his family is.
Believe me, game over is something that will definitely happen to players who are playing this game for the first time. Maybe I will make my version of tips for novice players to avoid early game over. Hehehe.

Do not eat and drink carelessly in this game. There are many effects of radiation and diseases that threaten health
due to drinking and eating. Seek
safe food by checking whether it is clean from poison, and drinking uncontaminated drinks which in this game is called pure water, blue in color. which players can get from cleaning dirty water by cooking it. If you are stuck, you can eat and drink in moderation, instead of dying of hunger or thirst. But make it a last resort.
Be careful with an area with a white or red radiation circle indication, because the radiation effect in this place is quite high. Characters can get cancer, a terrible disease that will make player status drop much faster.
Even though this disease can be cured within 1 year in the game, I'm sure it only takes a few days for this disease,

the character will also die from the effect.
Immediately treat the character who is sick, and treat if the character is in pain
injured state.
Try to look for items during the day, besides being more dangerous at night.
the characters in this game have indications of stamina which, if left unchecked, will tire and then pass out. Cool at night
to sleep.
Before traveling far, it's better to raise some skills to survive. Adequate weapons and items, if one day encounters a strong enemy,
the character doesn't die.
There is a trick, so that players don't always repeat the game every game over. Namely using Titanium Backup. Unfortunately, this application is only for Android players
already rooted.


Video Gameplay

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