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Gunfire Endless Adventure New FPS MOBILE ANDROID GAME OFFLINE IN 2022


This time Mimin discusses a new offline game that is still early access, this game has not been released on the Indonesian play store. A good and fun game, with pretty good graphics & visuals, even though the small size is under 100 mb.
This is a roguelike action game (dungeon) that is different because instead of using a sword, you use weapons here (at the beginning the player will be provided with 5 weapons) in exploring dungeons with gameplay floors, after killing all in one dungeon, you will immediately enter the portal to go to the next dungeon which is getting longer the more diverse the enemies and there is also a boss fight, there are more or less 50 types of enemies, for now there are still 2 chapters available with 30 floors each. The main character in this game can jump and dash, players also have to destroy the jars in the dungeon to get ammo, and when they arrive at the portal the player will be greeted by a coffin that will give 3 power ups which the player can choose one of them and the power ups can also be changed. upgrade by watching ads.
Btw the game will continue to be updated, which will add new heroes, new skills, new weapons, and hopefully the chapter will be added too

Title : Gunfire: Endless Adventure
Developer: Gunfire Game
Size : 53 mb
Version: 1.0.15 ( latest version )
Genre: Action, Fps
Requirement:- (blom nemu infonya, tes os 7.1 - ram 2 kompatibel & lancar)
Year : 2022
Platform : Android

Video Gameplay

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