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Let Me eat big fish eat small ◾Genre: Arcade, Casual ◾Gameplay: 2D ◾Year: 2021 ◾Size full: 44mb


Game baru rilis di Playstore Rekomendasi dari @_wolfman.nation_ menurut Mimin ini game mirip sejenis game house Feeding Frenzy yang dulu pernah rilis awal di PC.

Tentang dimana memelihara ikan, kemudian melahap ikan yang kecil kemudian menjadi besar

/A new game released on the Playstore. Recommended from @ _wolfman.nation_, according to Mimin, this game is similar to the kind of house game Feeding Frenzy that was previously released on PC.

About where to raise fish, then eat small fish and then get big

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Info :
◾Title: Let Me eat big fish eat small
◾Genre: Arcade, Casual
◾Gameplay: 2D 
◾Year: 2021
◾Size full: 44mb+
◾Region: Limited
◾Graphic quality: HD 
◾Internet: Offline
◾Gamepad: -
◾Android: Lolipop+
◾Rating Playstore : 4.2 from 5
◾Rating: 6/10
◾Playstore : Yes (Free Game)
◾Developer: Gate Games

Video Gameplay

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