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Is a first-person survival FPS game with very good graphics. The game developed by Agaming is set in a future world, where the entire region has been contaminated by radiation. So all that can be seen in front of the eyes are ruins of former settlements and barren wastelands like in a desert. Because it is still in beta, the background story of the game is not clear. Furthermore, whether the radiation contamination affects the whole world or just the place where the character we play is located is not detailed. But what is certain is that our character is a foreign survivor who comes to that place. And his name is Raven. The gameplay mode of this game has strong survival elements. So players must survive the harsh nature that can make our character poisoned by radiation. My imagination is that if this game has surpassed the beta version, it has the potential to be as exciting as Radiation Island in a more attractive packaging. Exciting because it has complex controls like an FPS game. With a variety of military-style weapons. And the most unique thing is the presence of many NPCs that we can talk to and exchange items with. At least, we are not alone in that harsh world. And it adds a realistic touch to this game. From them, we will get many useful items to survive. They have a lot of ammunition and medicines that function to counteract radiation and heal wounds. Another annoying realistic thing in this game is that our character will not move if the items we carry are too much or heavy. Each item has its own weight. So the amount of items we will carry in the bag is limited. I know and at the same time did not expect because I was too greedy to bring many items from trading with NPCs. As a result, I had to be stuck for a while sorting out less useful items in the bag. There is an exploration gameplay mode in this game, where the FPS mode will switch to top-down view when we will explore the Wasteland. In this mode, we explore the area as if we are in a world map mode like an RPG game. In the Wasteland area, we will find a place to explore and find useful items. And there we will also encounter enemies. A scary and strong mutant creature. Strong because it takes several shotgun shots to make it collapse. Then the creature is also very aggressive and attacks with fast movements. Maybe if from Raven's point of view, "I regret looking for an enemy 😂". Just imagine, one enemy can make my HP halved. And that still leaves the status of bleeding. Maybe because I wanted to see the enemy's face hidden in the darkness of the night. So close but immediately attacked mercilessly haha.

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