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Riddick: The Merc Files Mobile Android Game APK OBB

Eliminate the mercenaries with stealth actions and direct combat! Use the player's abilities as Riddick to disable enemies and use his combat skills to create chaos. Hide in the darkness, use firearms, or engage in close-range hand-to-hand combat. Attack the enemies until they are scared. A fun, brutal, and strategic game. In this game, the player can choose to move stealthily and hide, or prefer to conquer and eliminate enemies. If the player acts hastily and recklessly, the Mercs may get angry and come after you. So choose your options as a player in this game. The player is Riddick. Show all your skills! Escape with tricks or fight with enemies. All choices are in the player's hands to complete the mission. Try the survival mode. Survive as long as possible. Darkness and stealth are the player's friends, so do not act recklessly or the Merch will get angry and eliminate you as Riddick. Use your rage to kill the Merch as quickly as possible if they find you. Voice acted by Vin Diesel. A game that was briefly forgotten. Yet this game has a genre that I like, stealth action. A silent execution of enemies. I first liked this genre when I played MGS 3 on the ps2. A thrilling gameplay that made me feel like I was a skilled soldier on a mission. Well, these elements are present in this game, but of course all the controls are adjusted to our android touch screen. As the title suggests, we will play as Riddick. Contrary to the movie where he mostly faces enemies directly, in this game we can also move silently. Considering the situation. As Riddick is often unarmed at the beginning of a mission, the easiest and most logical solution is to silently slaughter one enemy and take their weapon. After that, it's up to you, whether you want to play quietly and elegantly, or slaughter enemies directly like Rambo with style. The controls are very comfortable in this game. All character movements are done by tapping and swiping. Tapping is for moving and executing enemies if we tap on them. Swiping is for rotating the camera so we can clearly see the surroundings. If it's still not clear, we can zoom in by pinching the screen of our android. This will help us clearly see where our enemies are located. The downside of this game is that the missions are still quite short and too easy for a game with stealth elements.


Video Gameplay

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