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Hundred Days New Mobile Android Game in 2024 Simulation 300mb APK

Hundred Days is a simulation strategy game developed and published by Broken Arms Games. Which will be released in early 2021 for multi-platform including the mobile platform on Android. This is a simulation of wine making, from the basics, such as managing a vineyard, to making wine that can be consumed and sold on the market.

The biggest concern in playing a game about a process as slow and scientific as winemaking is the introduction or tutorial process. Hundred Days addresses this with a story mode, which then blends seamlessly into a sandbox-type play style.

The story begins with the protagonist, a young town resident, learning that he has just inherited a vineyard - that's who we are in this game. Although we are faced with the daunting task of running a vineyard with no knowledge of how it works, we are given several experts who act as tutorials that happen very naturally in the form of conversations.

See, winemaking is a series of sequential procedures performed at the right time, in sequence. Do we put the grapes in barrels to ferment after crushing, or do we send them straight away to be bottled? How hard do we crush the grapes? Do we use a different yeast or add sugar? Are we choosing the right grapes for the right soil?

There are lots of options, and tasks to do, but also a number of upgrades, new perks, tools, and techniques to unlock. The biggest advantage of Hundred Days is how it introduces what could be a very stressful process and gives us the freedom to determine how quickly we open up more options.

OS: Android 6.0+


Video Gameplay

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