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Slugterra dark waters Mobile Android Game APK OBB

It is a strategy game played similarly to Diablo. To move the character, simply tap on the desired location. Similarly, to attack, the player only needs to tap on enemies and the character will shoot at them. This is where the game's control stands out.

When I shoot at enemies, the character will automatically continue shooting until the enemy is dead or until I change the target. This allows me to focus on avoiding enemy bullets that are aimed at me.

Overall, it feels lively, exciting, yet simple.

There are two modes in this game, Campaign and Survival. In Campaign mode, players will progress through missions with main objectives that must be completed, as well as optional secondary objectives that reward players upon completion. In Survival mode, players must survive enemy attacks for as long as possible. However, unfortunately, to unlock Survival mode, players must complete a minimum of missions.


Video Gameplay

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