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Eisenhorn Xenos Mobile Android Game APK + OBB Nice Graphics

Game with console-quality graphics. Recently, there have been games with WOW graphics, but also with WOW size. It can be said that this is the evolution period of mobile games. This adventure TPS action game is based on the story from the novel Eisenhorn Xenos itself. The story is delivered through the in-game engine, so it's not just a narrative or CGI effect. With linear gameplay that follows the storyline, there won't be any quests in this game. The gameplay during battles is really cool, where the character uses a sword and pistol as weapons. The battles are also intense and exciting, really good, feels like playing a console game. You see? Yup, I saw it on YouTube, because my Andromax V lagged when playing this game, damn it. So, I plan to get a Xperia XP if I'm lucky hehe. Because based on the information, this game runs smoothly on the Xperia XP. At least, I can try playing games that my Andromax V can't handle. Why Xperia XP? Because it has an affordable price with great specifications.


Video Gameplay

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