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Starena Arcade Mobile Android Game



Starena is an intriguing game where we control a fighting robot that competes in arenas. Throughout a series of battles, this robot will collect battle experience and gain support from more fans, eventually becoming the king of the arena. We are faced with challenges against various enemies, such as dinosaurs, fellow robots, and aliens. Similar to the game Monster Hunter, each enemy has specific body parts that we can acquire to strengthen our robot's weapons. Each enemy has different characteristics, making the combat gameplay diverse, challenging, and rich. In battle mode, the essence of the fight lies in swinging our robot fighter's large sword to inflict damage on the enemy. We are also accompanied by a drone that can assist in attacking enemies from a distance. When we successfully destroy or defeat boss enemies, we can use their body parts to create new weapons. Overall, Starena offers an engaging gameplay experience where we control a fighting robot in intense battles against various enemies. The game provides a variety of challenges, unique enemy characteristics, and the opportunity to strengthen our robot's weapons using acquired body parts.


Video Gameplay

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