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Finally the game has been updated after a long time. And the bad news, this latest version requires OS above Naugat or 0S7.0+. I have tried changing the SDK version from 24 to 14 so that it can run on my cellphone, but it failed. So, in the end, I was forced to borrow a cellphone to be able to check his work. Borrowed it from one of the people at home, and it worked, guys. I tried it on Xiaomi
Redmi 5 Naugat runs quite smoothly. I played until one mission without any problems.
Yes, I played the game on a borrowed cellphone for a long time.
If you ask, what is the difference between this latest version and the previous version!? What I feel is the same. The main character is still CJ with the exact same storyline and scenes, hehee. Information from the source says that several bugs in the previous version have been fixed in this latest version.
And reportedly this version is also more stable when played on Android with the latest OS.
I don't know whether the information I got is true or not due to device limitations. 

Video Gameplay

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