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ROOT Board Game Strategy Mobile Android APK


Root is a strategy board game developed by Cole Wehrle and published by the game publishing company
Leder Games. This game was first released in 2018 and has gained significant popularity among board game fans.
Root takes place in a fantasy world inspired by fairy tales, with players playing the roles of different factions in a vast forest. Each faction has unique goals and playing styles, so we must develop different strategies to achieve victory.
The fractions in Root are Rats (Mice),
Cat Troop (Cats), Bird Troop (Birds), and Bear Troop (Vagabond).
Each faction has different strengths and abilities, and we must exploit their strengths and interact with other factions to achieve our goals.
This game features an asymmetrical gameplay mechanism, meaning that each faction has different rules and objectives. This creates challenges and dynamics


Video Gameplay

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