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Real Boxing 2 Android Fighting HD Mobile Game

Haven't played in a long time, eh, it's an online game. But the gameplay is even more exciting. Now there is a kind of ultimate attack.
The graphics are also getting better, although I feel the effects are also getting heavier.
There is a possibility that this problem is because my connection is problematic. Luckily, the mod works great even though the game is now online, and so far it's still safe.
Actually this is a real game
Boxing 2 as usual, but with characters from the Rocky series. I think this is a pure offline game, but there are certain times for players to connect to the internet.
A game with almost the same gameplay as the previous series, but with graphics that in my opinion are much better and better. Where the character's face and body are very similar to the real person.
A game that will feature a number of characters from the legendary film Rocky, such as
Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago, and a younger version of Rocky Balboa. When the game first starts, the player will control
Rocky, as a tutorial like tap to swipe down for uppercut and swipe


Video Gameplay

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