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Dwarf Journey Platformer Android Mobile Game APK Rogue Like


One more pixelated Roquelite game. With a 2D platformer sidescrolling gameplay model. It's clear that this game has a high level of difficulty, as it is a Roquelite game. Death is something that we will often experience in gameplay. However, this is where our character will become stronger, along with the player's skills. Although it doesn't seem to apply to players like me, hahaha. I keep dying. Several aspects of the gameplay make this game difficult to master. Like the stamina that limits the character's ability to attack. Even though the cooldown is only a few seconds, it becomes troublesome when we are attacked by more than one enemy. And yes, the enemies in this game act aggressively. They don't move along a set path or act passively like in other games. Instead, they immediately approach and attack. But they still have attack patterns that can be memorized, That's the opportunity for players to slaughter them without getting hurt. But yeah, it's not an easy task. This may not be a genre that is generally liked by players. Not because of the pixelated graphics, but in my opinion, this game is okay.


Video Gameplay

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