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Indigo Lake FPS Horror Mobile Android Game

Rencana mau KKN ke desa penari :v ,malah nemu beginian di tengah jln, salah satu game old yang kurang populer tapi seru buat dimainkan game bergenre Horror FPS ini mimin rekomendasikan kali ini

(indigo lake)

/The plan is to do Community Service Program at the dancer village: v, instead came across this in the middle of the street, one of the old games which is less popular but fun to play this Horror FPS genre game, I recommend this time

Indigo Lake – the game is proven even on IOS. Now it became available in Google Play. Near lake Indigo worked odd paranormal things. Your good friend Dr Everett was sent to the lake to learn the truth about recent activity. After a short stay with the doctor gone. Now you come to the lake to find out where lost your friend and colleague. The player can move freely in the game to search for clues of the disappearance of the doctor. You very quickly realize that supernatural creatures want to harm you. So do everything you can so they never touched you.

BACKGROUND TO THIS STORYu left by Native American Indians. Players must do this to expel evil spirits from rituals from the past.

Reports of very strange and unusual occurrences around Lake Indigo, namely about the occurrence of a series of suicides. Which triggers the investigation of an expert in this field, Dr. Everett who also happens to be a good friend of the player. Sent to the lake to find out the truth behind this incident. Until the Doctor was too late and failed to provide a report, which meant he had mysteriously disappeared in the mysterious lake. So, the player's task in this game is to find this best friend, and stop any paranormal or strange activity at Lake Indigo.

Is a very good mix of an FPS and puzzle horror game in an environment that is quite large and free to explore. The player will be armed with a gun, sophisticated glasses that can identify an object, and can even record all the events that the player experiences in real time in his investigations looking for his friends. Exploration and route recognition are very important things for players to do to survive in this game. Survive the incarnation of hell around the lake and the mysterious crying girl's ghost.


Video Gameplay

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